Can You Really Lose Weight With Yacon Pills?

The Benefits of Yacon Syrup for Weight Loss

Yacon, the vegetable that is becoming incredibly popular for its similarities to Garcinia Cambogia, is originally from the Andes Mountains of South America. Dating back to the Ancient Incas, this vegetable has been used for its key qualities in high fiber and valuable nutrients for many generations. It has a strong affect on individuals by helping them feel fuller for a longer period of time. This potato-look-alike almost tastes like an apple. The syrup, which is gathered from the roots of the plant, is manufactured as a natural yacon syrup substance.

The ability of the fruit to allow a person to feel fuller for a longer period of time has made the syrup incredibly marketable as a weight-loss diet. Unlike other foul dietary supplements, it is incredibly sweet and it’s low glycemic index prevents it from being broke down into sugar in the body; therefore, preventing rapid weight gain. Like the Garcinia Cambogia, this vegetable is low in calories and as aforementioned, high in fiber.

How Yacon Works

Yacon powder is well known for speeding up the metabolism and lowering blood sugar. How? It’s simple. The syrup contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS); this is a natural sweetener that the body cannot easily break down. Not metabolized, it passes through the digestive system, resulting as a food with low calories. Taking the syrup allows the individual to fill up on a low calories, thus, preventing weight gain. Also, as a prebiotic, it feeds the healthy flora found within the bowels. Be cautious with the knowledge that the syrup is safe to digest; however, the plants from the fruit can be incredibly toxic with long-term use. Only purchase the pure syrup form for the use of weight loss and take 1 teaspoon before or during each meal. The fruit can also be taken to help with constipation issues.

Yacon syrup can be found in almost any health store and online. Only purchase 100% pure syrup from the fruit, and purchase it through a name-brand company. There will be untrusted sources who will try to sell the syrup packed with preservatives and watered down to consumers who are not careful. Be sure to read the fine print before you make a purchase. The syrup can cost anywhere between $12 and $65 and is well worth the investment. The health benefits from the fruit are extensive and it is a healthy and natural form of dieting, unlike many pills sold in the market.

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